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Now da day is Ova!!! (Random Thots)

November 18, 2008

I was gonna blog proper 2day but I've forgotten what I was gonna blog on (thats normal then, right? Undecided)

Anyways, my day is about rounding off (in the office, that is) and i still dont have a JD yet. For those who don't know, a JD is a job description - which is a guide on how not to do every available job in the office place (according to dudu dictionary).

Implication of this is that i just come to work and mope which could be not only boring but destructive to a fragile brain like urs (never mind the SMS language pls) truly.

Now I face the long journey back home. Its actually short in metric measurement but in Lagos, which is where I currently spend my days, metrics count for nothing

Ass does the fact that we produce (scratch that) harvest crude oil (good energy source) count for nothing in the likelihood of there being electric power when I get home (NEPA!!!)

Come to think of it, there seems to be a conspiracy going on here with the way we name things in this country. A short example -

NEPA seems to rhyme with YEEPA!!! (which is...

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A poor day to resume blogging

November 13, 2008


I just got moodied up....

....and just when i was about to resume blogging.

Catch you next time if you dont mind.

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January 18, 2007

Yeah so its become a double dilemma.

This is not my code actually, but...

First, I was going to load this page with the problem I had while programming yesternight (about 11pm) and then I lost steam (does it happen to you or am I alone on this - I mean loosing steam suddenly).

Now the real issue (or dilemma, though i was lucky it did not turn to a big one) is that while programming (as I was saying), i had to send data into one of the tables in my database field by field. one of the fields was named (supposedly Qty).

All I was required to do was to supply the name of the field (in this case Qty) but then VB was still not recognising it. So what was the problem? I just could not understand. If I was a completely novice programmer, then I would have gone to bed thinking (SHIT happens).

As an intermediate programmer, I thought it was my own fault (actually it was) but VB and access could have helped me on this one. Luckily before i started behaving like this guy, I got the solution.

Now what was the solution?

Meet me in the next episode

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PHEW! What a Day its been

January 8, 2007

This day has been a busy one for me - from queeing at the bank, (never mind my spelling, i am still angry at the browser for spoiling my work and can not care less about grammar now) to travelling from one end of town to the other and down to the cyber cafe to assist a customer in browsing. Boy (or girl) am i tired. I still have not finished my major project (I will tell you about it later). Anyways enjoy the video (hopefully). Catch you later. [More]
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They Played and We Scored............. Who Cares?

January 6, 2007



Whoa! WHAT a match

I was nervy throughout the match even when we were 2 goals up as i kept remembering CL 2005 and FA cup 2006 but in the end the Arsenal turned out too much for them liverpoolians to do their comebace thing.

I was going to put a picture but i was not successful ( hey this is my first day)

Alright catch you later (If you are out there reading)

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Beginning of my blogging

January 6, 2007

I am Abdullah (AbuZayd) and You are about to start meeting me on a regular basis on this blog

HOld your breath and wait for the bang on a range of issues - from religion to IT down to sports (football(arsenal)).

Watch OUT

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